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Style Guide

Lash Concepts offers something for everyone with four levels of style which are achieved through variations of lash thickness, length, color, and curvature. The shape and contour of the eye is unique to each individual; therefore, our lash stylist will conduct a preliminary evaluation on your first appointment. We strive to blend our client's vision with the style best suited for facial characteristics and lifestyle.

Below is a sample of just some of our satisfied clients and their transformation from beautiful to glamorous!

Level 1: Foundation

A natural style which enhances the shape and color of the eye. Perfect for everyday settings at home and in the office.

Level 2: Drama

An enhanced style which adds both length and thickness to the foundation set. Convert easily from an everyday look to a "night on the town" through creative makeup applications.

Level 3: Glam

An alluring yet sophisticated style created through layering techniques and thicker gauge lashes. The preferred choice for special occasions and the Bride-to-Be.

Level 4: Extreme

Our most bold and exotic style which commands attention! Extreme styles are achieved by layering techniques, the use of deeply curved lashes, and highlighting (colored lashes).

Removal and Repair

Many of our new clients were first a client of another salon or technician, but experienced dissatisfaction after a poor quality lash application. Technicians who are not properly trained can damage your natural lashes and cause irritation to the eye and eyelid.

Common mistakes include: use of poor quality extension and adhesive, clustering lashes at the base, applying extensions to the eyelid, crooked alignment to the natural lash, and using too much adhesive.

Our certified stylist is trained to safely and gently remove eyelash extensions, restoring the lashes to their original state. We use specially formulated Xtreme Lashes(R) adhesive remover and methodically remove each extension lash by lash without breaking the natural lash or causing bald spots. We offer extension removal as a stand-alone service, although most clients wish to have a new set of Xtreme Lashes(R) applied after the removal.


You should never attempt to remove eyelash extensions yourself by pulling, twisting, or rubbing the eye. This will cause damage to your natural lashes and may irritate the eye or eyelid. 


We do Repair your Current Lash set,Remove professionally with our Xtreme Adhesive Remover the ones that are intertwine,tangled,glued together, if you are not looking for a New Set and decide to keep some of your own lash extension, But there will be No Guarantees if anything Happens to your Lash Extensions Due to Anything can happen to your Old Existing Lash Set.